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We all of us make journeys in our lives. However much we may travel we should set aside time to make the shortest but most important trip of all: to visit ourselves. 

When we understand ourselves better we can find new ways of facing and understanding the world.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"




March 2022

I had my first session with Hemi today and was presently surprised that I felt instantly comfortable with her and was able to talk freely.  Hemi has a very calm, non-judgmental approach, so I felt very much that I was in safe hands. She was very professional, and it was clear that she was listening intently and was interested in what I was saying as she asked really appropriate, thought provoking questions, at a pace that felt right for me.  Following the session, I had much to reflect on and I feel that the work we did today was really beneficial.  I can highly recommend Hemi.

This is just a brief account of my counselling sessions with Hemi.

I found talking to Hemi was easy. She was patient, and never pushed for answers.
She gave me the route to work out my problems and understand how to deal with them one at a time.


Hemi is a very skilled, professional, and I am grateful to have her for my counselling sessions.

I would recommend her very highly.


May 2022

Hemi has been unbelievably supportive during our sessions
I found Hemi really easy to talk to and this has allowed me to work through some really tough experiences with her. She has help me identify where my original bereavement came from- many years ago!
With Hemi’s guidance I'm now travelling the journey with her to help me process my thoughts and feelings.


October 2021

Dear Butterflies


Talking to Hemi, I am able to tell her about the things that are really upsetting me, Things that I can't say to family and friends because it would only upset them.

In 73 years, I have never had to deal with these sorts of feelings. So once again Thank you for Hemi and Butterflies.


June 2021

Hemi is my counsellor, and she has been fantastic, I feel I can trust her, and she has helped me so much in my process of bereavement and I don't think I would be in such a good place without her.


March 2021

Hemi Mistry has been counselling me since October 21 and she has shown me great kindness and understanding over the last few months.

Throughout the process, Hemi has also shown huge patience and hasn’t given up on me, as well as bringing her very useful knowledge and experience to the sessions. I am extremely grateful to her.


February 2022


My counselling from Hemi has been very helpful,she's very understanding and empathetic which enabled me to come to terms with past experiences and make meaningful changes in my life. Hemi is not judgemental in any way and offered solutions to help with difficulties I faced.
I have no hesitation in
recommending Hemi.

August 2022

After the death of my granddaughter, I felt I needed to have therapy to process what had happened. Working with Hemi I discovered I was carrying around a great many things that I wasn’t paying attention to (pain, loss, a lack of self-care), and by working them through with her I’ve learned a lot about myself and have learnt how to use tools in my journey ahead.   

My sessions with Hemi have given me new perspectives and I am learning a new language with which to be kinder to myself and understanding the feelings surrounding all the events that have unfolded throughout my life.  I feel I have benefited as a person from these sessions and through all these traumatic events the therapy is helping make me learn how to be more compassionate to myself, tolerate tough times and even find value in the darkest days. 

I am growing more confident and able to speak to others about my experiences. I have hope for the future and Hemi has helped me seek out personal and professional happiness. I feel that therapy has saved me from going down a spiral of depression and to focus on a more positive future. 


October 2022

I've been seeing Hemi for a couple of months now. Straight away she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She has helped me to think about what I want in life, what I want to change about myself and why I am the way I am. She knows just what to ask to get the best out of our sessions. I would 100% recommend her.


June 2023

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I'm located in Bracknell, Berkshire.

I'm located in Bracknell, Berkshire.

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